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ABOUT : In 2012, Graphset began the Capri Hotel project.
Initially envisioned as a study of a mythical scene from the film Soy Cuba (M. Kaltasov, 1964), the project will later take a more ambitious direction and become a full-fledged Graphset work.
The project begins with the recreation in 3D of the scene in order to understand all the secrets of its making. This will be done first by digitally recreating the terrace of the Havana hotel (Capri) on which the scene was filmed.
From this moment on, this new virtual world will become a playground for exploration.

The sequence is reproduced, the space and the camera movements are strictly faithful to the original but something has changed. This digital space has become a territory in its own right where it is now possible to construct, build, organize, according to the specificities of the medium.
The set of characters, as well as their evolution in space and time, take advantage of the fundamental possibilities offered by technology: exact copy of a subject, perfect time loops, multiplication of a subject, randomization of actions, animation from data banks...

The result of this research will materialize in a film of 3 minutes 30: Capri Hotel. But this is only the first part of the project.

This digital world has its own existence, an undeniable reality that can be studied, documented and, like an explorer, from which one can bring back images or material pieces in order to share this new world with the greatest number. 

Sous les toits-terrasses is therefore an installation that brings together both the film Capri Hotel and a number of objects and documents that give an account of Graphset’s various expeditions within this virtual universe.
The central piece is a model of the hotel. Indeed, the entire off-screen part of the building turns out to be a sculptural construction, far from what the viewer might imagine when watching the film.
A number of Polaroid pictures taken during the shooting will also be visible. In addition, a number of elements gleaned on site: matchboxes, ashtrays, business cards... as well as a cartography of this digital space.

The whole is staged as an exhibition seeking to relate and share the discovery of a new world.


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