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ABOUT : The Ghost Room is a proposal for a monumental installation.
It consists of a case that envelops a given building. This structure is a scaffolding on which a series of one-way Plexiglas panels are placed. These form two layers to which are added panels of video led.
This game of reflection creates the illusion of a space extending inside the building. But the installation goes further, it makes a part of the building invisible and turns it into a new space: The Ghost Room.
The installation makes an optical and mental paradox visible to the viewer. While adding matter to a building, it seems, on the contrary, to be relieved of it. This mass of metal, plastic and light shatters the durability of the stone it embraces.
The Ghost Room is a structure that "hacks" reality in order to impose its own vision of the world made of emptiness, absence, invisible and immaterial.


YEAR : 2017

TECHNIQUES : Scaffolding, One-way mirror plexiglas, Led

SIZE : Variable

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