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ABOUT :Ether & Archipel is a digital installation that offers the viewer a new point of view on a singular digital ecosystem.

The viewer enters the heart of a world that has been rotated 90°. This simple tilt places the spectator/observer in an intermediate space, floating between two newly created spaces: an Ether on one hand and an Archipel on the other.
These two elements are computer generated via a game engine (Unity) and are projected on the two respective sides of the installation.
The two walls are made with one-way mirrors, which have the effect of multiplying the two spaces infinitely when one is in the heart of the installation. This play on reflections also has the effect of including the viewer in the image and reinforcing his feeling of elevation. It gives him a role of privileged, omniscient observer.
Generated by the game engine, the projected content is non-linear, it is non-predictable, autonomous.
The engine is programmed to generate two distinct systems: an Ether and an Archipel. These two systems are projected face to face. They are programmed to evolve according to a certain number of variables influencing their shapes, colors, movements, positions, etc.


YEAR : 2017

TECHNIQUES : Aluminium, Plexiglass, Videoprojection, Real-time Animation, Electronics

SIZE : 4,30m x 3,70m x 2,30m


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