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Occupation of Territories

It happened because nothing else was happening at the same time.

What we need to remember is that nothing was planned, neither the form nor the substance. What defines our ambition is the aesthetic application of words spoken into the air, which remain imprinted in the minds of those who uttered them. We wanted to think big, to project ourselves into spaces that surpass us, to lose ourselves there, to trace paths, passages, highways, in order to make these expanses navigable. Tired of waiting for a possible opportunity, tired of hiding behind a lack of technical or financial means. And since our practices constantly lead us to solve these problems, we wanted to open a gallery, and we did it. It was enough for us to move a comma in our metric system for all our projects to come to life. We don't dwell on it. The position of this comma, the redefinition of a decimal, puts into perspective all the power dynamics that determine our reality. We built a palace, and what we build aspires to expansion. This modern "Hermitage" looks to the past and taunts the Baron. These 3900 cm3 are for us the foundations of a new Voisin plan, disfiguring the existing, waiting to be stormed by a new critical avant-garde, wandering every night in the city, seeking to destroy the existing without any form of aesthetic trial. Our dreams are at their mercy. Those who will punish us are in the streets and not in the overheated salons of ministries.

In short, serves us right and screw Haussmann.

Screwing Haussmann is a form of accomplishment, of trickery, of fraud that we sometimes assume when the institution opposes our ambitions.

The truth is, we don't give a damn about them... The galleries with Koons in the window, the spaces for young artists that take advantage of school graduates to pay no one. And the absurd biennials that scratch for subsidies to survive without talking about... whoa whoa WHOA no, let's calm down. Far be it from us to offend anyone, far be it from us not to work with institutions or become one ourselves (you never know), the English situationists, the Sex Pistols and all that... To be honest, the person in charge of writing this text just watched the 25th Hour and has always dreamed of writing a bitter monologue, filled with frustration and hatred of the world.

The world isn't great right now, is it?

How about you, how are you doing?

Finally, we don't think it would have required more effort if we had opened a conventional-sized gallery, certainly more money.




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